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The Great Conundrum Facing Feminist Progress in Hollywood Today

Fall 2015

While women in entertainment certainly aren't kicked and beaten when they demand fairness and parity, the marginalization that female protestors faced a century ago in the U.K. resonate with today's fights for greater representation in the media, particularly in the struggle to be viewed as equally worthy -- both as storytellers and as protagonists -- to men...

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Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner López Present the 2014 "Made in NY" Awards

Fall 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Media & Entertainment Commissioner Cynthia López presented the 2014 "Made in NY" Awards, celebrating excellence in the New York City creative community and recognizing the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the City's entertainment and digital media industries. The 2014 "Made in NY" Award honorees included Producers Guild of America's Lydia Dean Pilcher, VP Motion Pictures, Chair, Women's Impact Network; Mari Jo Winkler, Chair, PGA Green and Rachel Watanabe-Batton, Vice Chair, PGA East, Chair, PGA Diversity.

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Talent Spotlight: New York Based Lydia Dean Pilcher Produces With a Purpose

Winter 2014

For Pilcher, the different challenges she takes on are really all part of one vision for herself; there is no separation between her role as an artist, as a producer and as a working member of the production community. "We live in a rapidly changing world, and I see my role, as a filmmaker and as a producer, as part artist and part activist. We have a kind of bully pulpit in the entertainment business, and that's both a responsibility and a privilege. I love using storytelling to inspire people to think about things differently, and to bring new ideas and issues forward. Maybe we can help motivate folks to exert more control over their lives. Maybe we can make a difference."

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How to Find A Producer: From Filmmaker Magazine

Fall 2013

Just like directors, producers have tastes that can be discerned from their body of work. Writes producer Lydia Dean Pilcher (The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Sisterhood of Night), "I'm drawn to a good story with compelling characters and a big idea. The big idea may be one that explores the many profound realms of human nature, and it may traverse the geo-political scale of a globalized world. I'm also very drawn to stories that capture the dynamics of our ever-changing society and offer new perspectives that challenge the status quo."

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Produced By Case Study: Lydia Dean Pilcher

Produced By — Summer 2008

Several years ago, the Producers Guild put itself at the forefront of a coalition of groups lobbying for legislation to make producing entertainment in New York more affordable. And as the PGA's representative on the New York Production Alliance, Lydia Dean Pilcher, can rightly claim a measure of credit for the incentives that have helped to jump-start the New York production sphere.

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Documenting Drama

Continental Magazine — November 2006

Film producer Lydia Dean Pilcher is confident enough in her vision to spell it out for us. “The challenge,” she says, “is to make significant and meaningful work that can reach a popular audience and still not compromise the artistic merits.”

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Leader For the 21st Century

Women's E-News — May 2005

"Producing a movie is like birthing a child," says Lydia Dean Pilcher. "Each one is a baby that you create, develop, nuture and send out into the world to have a life."

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A Hard-Earned Right

Savannah Morning News — February 2004

Lydia Dean Pilcher knows Politics.

Just ask her about the donkey.

Pilcher, a movie producer, grew up in Atlanta with a donkey that lived next door in the neighbor's back yard. It was the living and breathing mascot of the Fulton Democratic Party, which her parents were heavily involved in.

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The Gotham 50:
Lydia Dean Pilcher

Daily Variety - April 1998

New York industryites reflect Big Apple's diversity, vitality in entertainment.

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